Why Should You Buy Used Tech?

Feb 9, 2023   2 min read      

Sometimes it can be really difficult to choose second-hand when people are not sure about the origin and quality of the product they are buying. Here we break down some reasons to stop hesitating, and go for a great quality second-hand –refurbished- gadget.

Cost is one of the main benefits.

Shopping secondhand will save you money. You can get a really good performance for not that expensive. Buying a refurbished phone means that for the same price you can get an upgraded model. You can buy last year’s phone and still get killer performance and you’ll be paying less than half of what it was originally purchased for – if you purchase an older model when there’s a major new product launch, you’ll get a good deal.

Environmental impact

E-waste is responsible for a great part of global toxic waste. In 2019, the UK generated 23.9kg of e-waste per capita, and the UN regards it as the world’s fastest-growing domestic and ommercial waste stream. An incredible 57.4 million tons of e-waste was produced in 2021, according to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Forum (WEEE). With new gadgets being manufactured every day, our landfills are continuously growing, thus negatively affecting the planet. By simply purchasing a second-hand device, you get to reduce carbon emissions, and all that waste that damages our planet. Furthermore, you are sending a signal to the tech companies that people want devices that last for longer.

The transformation era

With the growth of the consumer electronics market, we are also experiencing a boom in the second-hand electronics market. The second-hand electronics market is taking giant steps forward – it’s been experiencing a sustained growth for the last few years. On top of that, the used smartphone market is expected to grow three times faster than the new smartphone market in the next five years!

Extend the life of an item

Buying second-hand means that the energy and natural resources used to create those goods have already been used. So, you’re not depleting any more natural resources as you would be doing in case you opted for a new device – you’re giving those items a second life and saving them from being thrown away. To wrap things up, if you’re not sure about going for a used phone or gadget, we have given you enough reasons to do so. Keep in mind that buying second-hand you are not only saving money, but also saving the planet!

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