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How vendi works


1. A seller is verified (KYC) and lists the item on vendi and marketplaces integrated with vendi.


2. A buyer is verified (KYC) and purchases an item on vendi or marketplace integrated with vendi.


3. The seller ships the device to the verification network.


5. Funds are realeased to the seller and transaction is complete.


4. The devide goes through the verification process (4 minutes) and is sent to the buyer.

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“I’ve been selling phones every year for the last 5 years, this has been the smoothest ever. I followed every step of the way, vendi even checked when my phone hadn’t arrived. They paid exactly as quoted and even added £10 to pay for shipping. Brilliant. ”

“Great price given for both of my iPhones, the best price I found online. Replied to emails within the hour, sent phones off on Wednesday and checked and paid the quoted amount including postage refund by Thursday PM. Much better than previous experience with CEX and others and much friendlier . Thanks for the quick and trouble free transaction highly recommended. ”

“I used a comparison site and vendi came top of the list for money offered for my iPhone 12 Pro Max by some margin. Even though I knew my phone was in a like new condition I was still worried their offer was too good to be true….it wasn’t. They paid out the exact amount quoted the same day they received the phone. Will definitely use it again. ”

Why use vendi?


Unbeatable Prices

You get the best prices on the retail and peer-to-peer market with no loss on quality or value and without the hassle of other marketplaces. And you can always pay in instalments too.


Safe & Secure

Your transaction is always fully protected. We thoroughly authenticate every device, so what you buy is exactly what you get. And if you change your mind our 12 months warranty and Moneyback guarantee is here to the rescue.



Sit back and buy or sell with vendi without leaving your house. Delivery and pick of devices is all on us, so you can spend your time making plans on how you’ll spend your extra money.



Contribute to a sustainable environment by selling your unwanted device. Buy pre-owned to save money and extend the lifespan of devices. Together we promote a sustainable and circular economy.

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Join a safe and fair
circular economy

vendi gives pre-owned new or used devices a sustainable life span. Buying new from a user extends the life of their existing purchased phone.

Buying a used device from someone else gives it a new home; instead of having it gather dust or ending up in landfills. You can trade and consume tech sustainably with the assurance that you will still receive great quality products at the best value on the market.
Together we are creating a safe and fair circular economy.



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