iPhone 15 Empowering the Secondary Market

Sep 22, 2023   3 min read      

The much-anticipated release of the iPhone 15 has sent ripples through the tech world, and here at vendi, we’re excited to look into why this latest addition to Apple’s lineup is a game-changer for the secondary market. As consumers eagerly upgrade to the latest model, a wide range of benefits emerge for those seeking high-quality, budget-friendly alternatives. Let’s explore how the iPhone 15’s release is set to revolutionise the secondary market.

Abundance of Models and Accessible Prices

As the iPhone 15 takes centre stage, older models often experience a drop in price. This price reduction democratises access to premium technology, making iPhones more affordable for a broader audience.

Users are flocking to upgrade, leading to a surge in the availability of older models. This influx ensures that the secondary market is filled up with a diverse selection of iPhones, catering to various preferences and budgets. Check out our lineup!

For consumers who prefer not to chase the latest models, the secondary market provides a sanctuary. Here, they can find rigorously-checked models that align perfectly with their specifications and requirements, without the need to wait for the next big launch.

Economic and Environmental Benefits:

Choosing a pre-owned iPhone from the secondary market is not only economically savvy but also environmentally responsible. By extending the lifespan of these devices, consumers contribute to the reduction of electronic waste while relishing the advantages of a high-quality device at a fraction of the cost.

Attention sellers!

With the release of the iPhone 15, many older phones have seen a drop in their value. However, here at vendi, we continue to offer you a fair price for your old iPhone. We understand the worth of your device and ensure that you receive a deal that’s right for you. Upgrade to the latest technology without compromising on the value of your old iPhone. Get a quote for your phone.

Recent research on tracking trade-in values has shown that the iPhone keeps its value longer over time. After one year of ownership, an iPhone loses 16.70-percent of its initial value, versus 33.62-percent for Android flagships.

To bring it all together, the release of the iPhone 15 marks a significant turning point for the secondary market. With an abundance of older models, accessible price points, and a diverse selection, consumers are presented with unparalleled choices.

At vendi, we’re committed to providing a platform where individuals can find the perfect iPhone to suit their needs, preferences, and budget. Join us in embracing the conscious community and discover the benefits of the secondary market today!

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