These warranty terms apply to products purchased in the vendiapp platform.

12-Month Warranty Terms

Your vendi warranty covers any hardware faults or defects in materials and workmanship and NOT as a result of any damage or misuse by the user. This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Wear and tear (dents, cracks and/or scratches)

  • Wilful damage

  • Accidental damage

  • Negligence by the customer or any third party

  • Improper usage

    • If the device was new, new (opened), or excellent and it now presents more than 3 dents the warranty will be voided as this will deem improper use.
    • If the device was Great or Good and present more than 4 dents the warranty will be voided as this will deem improper use.
  • Any alteration or repair carried out without vendi’s knowledge or approval

  • Software damage

  • Battery life issues

Should the device have any of these issues, the warranty would then be considered void. Similarly, if the handset has been jailbroken or open up after the sale, then the warranty would also become void.

Please note - All IMEI’s are recorded. The warranty only covers the device itself and it does not cover any accessories that came with the device (e.g. Headphones and Charger)

Warranty start

Your warranty cover starts from the date the item was purchased.

Triggering the warranty

Should your item develop a fault within the warranty period please contact our customer service team within the vendi app or email contact@vendiapp.com and they will be able to open a return case for you and arrange a replacement product.