At vendi, you don’t have to deal with the worries of using an unregulated marketplace. We pass every product through our rigorous vendication process and remove the risk of face-to-face meetings with a stranger.

Our 3 forms of verification

Identity Verification

Firstly, we check the person who is selling the item. We use a process called “Know Your Customer” or KYC for short. This is done by checking a form of legal ID.

Product Verification

We follow a 30-point diagnostic check on all devices. Along with this verification, we undertake a cosmetic check and IMEI check on all devices.

Payment Protection

All payments are processed using 3DSecure to eliminate the risks of fraudulent purchases. We keep your money blocked until product verification to make sure you get what you expect before the seller is paid.

Product verification

Cosmetic Check

We ensure the condition of the device matches the condition on the listing.

Software Check

From sensor tests, to sound tests, to call and connectivity tests we run comprehensive tests to ensure your phone is fully functioning.

Hardware Check

Our hardware tests include a diagnosis on all buttons, screens, cameras and charging and head phone ports.

IMEI Check

We run IMEI checks against a variety of police and global databases to ensure the device has a clean history and is not previously stolen.

Payment verification

  • 1. No complications of dealing in cash, we only take card. You input the details directly into the app.
  • 2. If you haven't already completed it, you will be asked to follow our Identity Verification process. This is to prevent any potential risks to any transactions on the app.
  • 3. We use 3DSecure at this stage to connect with your bank and confirm further security requirements with them to prevent fraudulent payments.
  • 4. We then hold your payment in a secure account until the device has passed our verification process.

Why vendi is safer than other platforms