80 point check


30-day money back

Get the ultimate transaction protection you will ever experience
buying and selling on a second-hand marketplace.


vendi removes online scammers and creates a safe marketplace for people to buy and sell

vendi presents a unique peer-to-peer space where trust is immediate, free from fake products or risky encounters

vendi verifies the authenticity of goods so you don’t get defrauded

We verify, so you’re never
disappointed with your product.

Buying and selling online often lacks trust and easily goes wrong on unregulated marketplaces.

At vendi we are committed to ensure that you always receive exactly what you buy- using a rigorous 80 point check and identity verification.

Every aspect of the transaction is authenticated.

Understand our in depth verification process better:


Full protection post purchase.

Be 100% satisfied, or get your money back.

If you receive your product and decide you want something else, or you are not fully satisfied- simply return it back to us in the original condition bought within 30 days and you are guaranteed to get your full money back.

So you can always shop with peace of mind, we’ve got you covered.


Free device protection for up to a year.

Stay protected for up to a year with our free 12 months warranty.

Manufacturer’s damage and spontaneous device breakdowns can’t hold you down anymore

Activate your free warranty now.


Hear from our users

Rated Excellent 4.9/5

“I’ve been selling phones every year for the last 5 years, this has been the smoothest ever. I followed every step of the way, vendi even checked when my phone hadn’t arrived. They paid exactly as quoted and even added £10 to pay for shipping. Brilliant. ”

“Great price given for both of my iPhones, the best price I found online. Replied to emails within the hour, sent phones off on Wednesday and checked and paid the quoted amount including postage refund by Thursday PM. Much better than previous experience with CEX and others and much friendlier . Thanks for the quick and trouble free transaction highly recommended. ”

“I used a comparison site and vendi came top of the list for money offered for my iPhone 12 Pro Max by some margin. Even though I knew my phone was in a like new condition I was still worried their offer was too good to be true….it wasn’t. They paid out the exact amount quoted the same day they received the phone. Will definitely use it again. ”


vendi is the platform putting security, excellent prices and convenience for buying and selling second-hand devices at the fingertips of everyone - allowing people to transact with each other without the worry of the consequences of an unregulated marketplace.

Here’s how it’s done:


Our experienced verifiers utilise an 80 point check framework to authenticate devices. This covers a rigorous diagnostic, cosmetic and device history assessment. We want to make any type of transaction in the secondary market trustworthy and mainstream.No more disappointing surprises.

Verified user network

Whether you want to buy or sell a device, be rest assured that the identity of the person who is making business with us has been validated. We implement the “Know Your Customer” - KYC method, this is where we check a legal form of ID against the details we hold of the user. So we all get to know each other around here.

Pristine devices

We focus only in lates releases of Phones, Tablets, Smartwatches and Headphones that are new or slightly used. The devices that you can buy at vendi are going to work for the next 3 years or more. As leaders in the tech secondary market, you will find new or good as new tech at incredible prices. Get the most value for your money.