1. Why is vendi a different kind of marketplace?

vendi focuses on quality and simplicity. It will grow as the Artificial Intelligence technology behind it scales. The feedback of buyers and sellers is really important to us. At vendi we want to guarantee good and reliable products. Therefore items can only be sold here if they meet certain conditions.

2. What can I list on vendi?

Initially, the marketplace will allow selling and buying of Apple and Samsung devices with these models:

Apple iPhone: 7 onwards Samsung Galaxy: S7 onwards, Note 8 onwards

3. What conditions should my product meet to be listed?

The phone must not be older than 4 years, it must have an unbroken screen, and must be functional.

4. How do I pay?

We use MangoPay to enable you to pay the seller securely in-app. vendi blocks your payment until the item is verified. The seller will be paid directly into their bank account. Both sides will be secure!

5. Why should I rate the seller and how?

Ratings are an important way in which the buyer can help improve the quality of the platform. On completing the exchange the vendi will mark the item as sold and the buyer will get a notification to rate the seller.

6. What should I do if I have a problem?

If something is not working properly, please send an email to contact@vendiapp.com

7. How will my product be delivered?

At the time of your purchase you can decide to meet with vendi. At the moment this option is ONLY available in London. Sellers can choose to meet with vendi or have vendi pick up the product. Therefore, no need to meet the buyer/seller as vendi is here to help :)

8. Does vendi have any fees?

Viewing and listing products are completely free. There is a small transaction fee of 3% + £10 for both the seller and buyer on completing the purchase. This covers our payment processor’s fee, cost of verification and arranging the logistics (basically, to enable us to survive :) )

9. How to place a request?

After opening the app, click the ‘Place Request’ button and complete the product request page. After submitting, we aim to meet requests within 3-10 days. For best results please fill in as many details as possible. When inputting your preferred price range we advise users to be realistic with their request.

10. What happens if I don’t receive a receipt?

If you don’t receive a receipt, firstly double check what email account you registered vendi with. If you logged in through facebook then your email might address will be the same as your facebook email. If you still can’t find the email, please contact us on contact@vendiapp.com quoting the product you purchased.

11. How does vendi grade phones?

New (Sealed) - Phone is inside an unopened box with the plastic around the box. It has not been tampered, opened, or activated. In most of the cases it has full manufacture warranty (1 year).

New (Opened) - The box has been opened but the phone never used. It may have been activated. No signs of use, plastic is still around the phone. The battery health has to be higher than 99%.

Excellent - The phone has been used but has no dents or visible marks. No clear scratches or hairline scratches not seen 1 meter away. The battery health is from 85% and above.

Good (limited marks) - The phone has been used and has light scratches around the phone (screen or structure) but NO dents. The battery health is from 80%.

Good (visible marks) - The phone has been used and has visible scratches around the phone (screen or structure) and can have no more than 4 dents. The battery health is from 75%

Warranty details (30-days money back)

You can opt to have an extended warranty on the vendi platform with 30-days money-back for £5. This warranty starts the date of purchase. When completing a return, the product has to be returned in the same condition it was bought in. Sealed products have to be returned sealed. If the phone had the plastic around, it has to be returned like that.