Free IMEI Check

About to buy a phone and not so sure about the device? Use our free IMEI checker to verify the status of it before you purchase.

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Network-lock Check (for iOS devices only)

Check if your device is locked or unlocked to a specific network. Locked phones only work with a SIM card that matches the carrier it's locked to (e.g. Vodafone locked phones only work with Vodafone SIM cards).

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Blacklist Check

Check to see if the device has been reported lost or stolen, or has been blacklisted by a network provider for some other reason.

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Model Check

Confirm the model of the IMEI number matches the IMEI number of the device. This is important to ensure your device is not cloned.

Not sure how to find your IMEI number?
Dial *#06# or simply head to the “About” section in settings on your device.

So what is the purpose of an IMEI number? Check out this blog to find out the real WHY in IMEI.

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