About Us

Our mission is simple, to make peer-to-peer mainstream.

We want to create the safest medium for people to buy and sell with one another. Augmented peer-to-peer, Marketplace 3.0…call it whatever you want, we call it vendi.

The team

The vendi team is truly an international and global team comprising of creators, coders, designers and innovators. With offices in the UK and India the team are united on their mission to make buying and selling online safer, more secure and more sustainable.

The company was founded by Pablo and Anil back in June 2018 having previously worked together at Cisco. They had a shared passion to build tech to connect the world and also had shared similar frustrations when using peer-to-peer marketplaces.

team people

Pablo Gonzalez-Iglesias

Chief Executive Officer

Innovator and entrepreneur | ex-Cisco Project Manager | Marketplace aficionado

team people

Anil Rao

Chief Technology Officer

Ideator, mobile app developer | ex-Cisco | Passionate about AI and Deep Learning

What we stand for


We believe strongly that trust is earned, not demanded. This is why we operate with absolute transparency in every part of our business.


We believe that if you aren’t working to the highest quality possible, you shouldn’t be working at all. We don’t release anything without putting it through rigorous testing to ensure high quality.


We believe that simplicity should be a given. We offer customer support but we believe in designing our product in such a way that you don’t need to rely on support.

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